All registered domains

Classic text extensions are top-heavy corruption.

Extensions should be open.

When Daddy is king:

Daddy will allow any letters as well.

Obviously .com will eventually be forgotten.

Obviously Daddy's domains will support .com and others at first.

Every single current domain will obviously stay supported for now.

Number domains are for everybody.

Number domains will be safe from cyber attacks.

Number domains will be everybody's freedom of information.

Number domains will introduce simple building techniques.

Anybody can create a complex website with ease.

(Obviously Daddy will release a browser for number domains)

((The browser is to render new coding techniques))

((These new techniques allow for easy website creations))

(Obviously ISPs must support number domains on all browsers anyway)

Obviously number domains are not copyrighted.

Google can piss off.

Number domains are for everybody.

Number domains are open.

Number domains will be transferable.

Number domains are many.

Number domains will be here forever.

Number domains have no yearly renewal fee.

Number domains are created by Daddy.

Daddy is everything.

Daddy is to replace your hidden king.

Daddy is for everybody.